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Stray Cats – What to do if you find one

Stray cats can be a common issue. Keep reading to find out what you should do to help them.

Do not feed stray cats.

Try to avoid feeding any stray cats that come into your garden. By feeding them it will encourage them to come back when they quite possibly have owners who are also feeding them. Cats are opportunistic feeders so will often eat if offered food even if they are being fed elsewhere. Some cats also require a specific diet for certain health problems such as intestinal or kidney disease.

Contact local rescue centers.

Call around to see if there is knowledge of a missing cat that fits the description of the one you have seen. Also it is worth asking neighbours if they know the cat or who it may belong to.

Post onto local facebook and social media pages.

Take a picture and post up on local social media pages asking if anyone knows the cat. Many cats will appear to be strays when actually they have an owner.

Check the cat for identification.

If you cat capture the cat safely,  check if there is a tag on the collar with details of the owner. If there isn’t then phone your local vets and ask for an appointment to have the cat scanned for a microchip.

Use a paper collar.

If they do not have a microchip then you can use a paper collar to help find the owner.  There is a template here. Place the collar on the cat making sure there is enough room for two fingers between the collar and the cat’s neck for safety.


Finding a new home.

If after two weeks or so no owner has been found then you can either keep the cat yourself or contact a local rehoming center to allow the cat to find a new home. Please remember that if you keep the cat yourself then you are taking responsibility for its continued feeding, vaccinations, healthcare and neutering if need be. Please consider first if you have the time, space and money for the lifelong commitment.

I have found a sick stray cat.

If you have found a sick or injured stray cat then please contact us to book an appointment on 01702 545558.